How to order / contact

Here are the best three ways to order-

1-  Text in your questions to (403) 969-7353 (Always fastest)
2- Place your order right away over the phone and have it filled right away (403) 969-7353
3- email you image (even if your not sure its ready) to please include-

NOTES:(if needed)

You will get a proof and a online invoice before the order starts.
Alternative payment methods are an option.

Here are some things that can help you when your ordering buttons, If you need them in under four days always call in your order or text.
If you call or text this puts you at the front of the cue, emails are answered in order but phone contacts including texts go through faster,
you don’t want a delay in a email that could stop your order from being able to be completed or cost you an additional rush fee. Trust us on this one.
Another good thing is to include all information about your order even if you don’t think it will effect turn over time, this means including your image even if its not finished or your sure its the right size. Tell us just a bit about why you need them, is it a political event, a birthday, when is the event, is the deadline flexible, things like this. Its always best to provide all the information you can. Some client know exactly what they want, the size the amount and the deadline and they looked on the tax included price chart and have used the order form, it asks everything we need.

Just the same here is an example of a good vs a bad (the do’s and dont) requests that could lead to your order not being filled.
Please understand we just want to get you your buttons as fast as possible, buttons take time to make, the more info we have the faster they are made.

Please do not send a email like this-
“Hello how much are buttons, how fast do you make them

Please do send a email like this-
“Hello we have an event on the 28th of this month, were not sure how many we need,
cost is an issue, what size do you suggest for a yearly staff barbecue?
Ted from Telus events department.
cell-(555) 555-5555
work-(555) 555-5555


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