Button sizes

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Calgary button sizes
1 inch
Great for bands and small business who want a bang for there buck! Also know as the underground button the one incher has bite with a “cool” factor!
1.25 inch
Still considered a “small cool button” its only slightly more the the inexpensive then the classic one inch it has slightly more surface area for buttons that have more information then ‘just a name”.
1.5 inch
Considered the largest “small button’ it has the largest viable area for what is considered a small button.
1.75 inch
This is the middle of the road “most popular” size, both for the cost vs viable area and swell the fact its the most common size people expect and accept this size.
2.25/2.5 inch
These buttons are very close in size they are larger the the most popular size for viability but are a bit more tasteful then the giant in your face three inch
3 inch
Know for its “Walmart” in you face size button it screams “read me”, if you want everybody to read this no matter they will, its very viable,

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